Switchboard volunteers counsel, connect and empower people in need. Through our suicide prevention programs, information and referral contact center, and crisis counseling and wellness services, Switchboard serves as both a first point of assistance and a last resource for people in need. When it comes to volunteer opportunities, very few offer the opportunity to save a life. At Switchboard, you will have that precious chance.


“I don’t think many people can say that their volunteering can make the difference between life and death. At Switchboard, every conversation with a client might be what has them hold on for one more day.”

– Elena Izquierdo, Switchboard of Miami Volunteer

Will be 18 years of age or older and will possess good listening skills, be an effective communicator, have empathy, and demonstrate a willingness to ask for help. All volunteers must pass a background check once their training sessions are complete.
No previous experience is required. Volunteers must complete a 37-hour online training course, which can be completed on-line, at your convenience. The only requirement is that you need to finish the module within 3 weeks of starting. After the online training is concluded, you will team up with an instructor to work a couple of shifts together.
We ask our crisis and text line volunteers to commit one 4-hour shift every two weeks. Switchboard will work to accommodate your schedule. Shifts must be done at a Switchboard facility for crisis line calls. Volunteers working the text lines can complete their shifts remotely by logging into Switchboard’s secure system.
This is a common fear amongst potential volunteers. You will have the support of Switchboard staff and other volunteers when you are working your shift. If you need help during the course of a call, you will be able to access competent, trained assistance to guide you through.
We offer two types of internships. The first is practicum based and required by the schools that are partnered with Switchboard. These opportunities are geared towards social work and mental health counseling students. The second type of internship is for individuals who wish to gain experience and are willing to provide at least 15 hours of service per week in one of our administrative departments. Switchboard welcomes interns 18 years of age or older. Bi-lingual, Spanish or Creole preferred.

To learn how you can get involved, email our Volunteer Coordinator.

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