Close up of man's hand writing New Years resolution in notebook, studio shot

Americans are very fond of making New Year’s resolutions, but are apt to become discouraged when they are unable to reach them. This New Year, if you are starting with a list of resolutions, take measures to make sure they help make you feel better, and not worse, than before writing them.  To avoid feeling worse when we fail to achieve some of the objectives, experts recommend we focus on setting realistic, small goals that can motivate us for bigger, larger commitments.

According to statistics, 66 percent of resolutions made regard fitness. Switchboard would like to encourage readers to also focus on their mental health, well-being, and feeling good about themselves.

To facilitate achievement of “realistic resolutions,” we have some suggestions:

Physical health:

1)       Sleep at least seven hours.

2)      Take care of your hair and skin

3)      Detoxify your body

4)      Hydrate your body

5)      Eat small, balanced meals five times per day

6)      Apply sunscreen to your skin, even in the winter time

Make your mental stability resolutions list, which may include:

1)      Reduce stress

2)      Dedicate a “me day” each week

3)      Take a daily walk

4)      Stay in touch

5)      Smile more

6)      Volunteer to help others–statistics reveal that volunteering is healthy for your heart!

7)      Practice being honest with yourself

8)      Make a list of your own priorities; place yourself number one on it

You are not alone. If you are dealing with a bothersome situation and do not know how to handle it, please call 2-1-1 to reach one of Switchboard’s live crisis counselors.

The Switchboard 2-1-1 Contact Center is open 24-hours, seven days a week. We offer support, information and referrals, crisis intervention and suicide prevention. We speak English, Spanish and Creole, and have the capacity to connect in other languages as needed.

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