Main Programs


CONTACT CENTER: With more than 15 specialty lines, the Contact Center offers counseling, crisis intervention, suicide prevention and information and referral services to every caller, chatter or texter. Services are available 24/7 every day in English, Spanish and Creole, with other languages available as well. With more than 5,000 entries, we maintain the largest and most comprehensive database of social services for the county and beyond.


SUICIDE PREVENTION: Beginning with a suicide crisis intervention helpline, we expanded our expertise and reputation to provide various levels of suicide prevention and intervention training to professionals who work with youth and young adults and the general public as well.


SENIORS NEVER ALONE PROGRAM: We provide a telephone reassurance plan for seniors 65 years of age or older who live alone or with another senior. Enrolled seniors are called at least once per week to promote mental health, ensure safety and offer moral support for daily challenges. For many of “our” seniors, we are the only human voice they might hear for weeks.


YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: In partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and community organizations, we provide a variety of evidence-based programs designed to help youth and families make better life choices. We target youth at-risk for behaviors that can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, early pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, teen violence and more.


HELP ME GROW PROGRAM: Help Me Grow is part of a national initiative that is designed to identify children (ages 0-8 years) at-risk for developmental or behavioral concerns, and connect them with community-based programs for health and developmental services. This program addresses concerns of families, while providing access to resources that offer early detection for health or developmental concerns.


FAMILY COUNSELING SERVICES: This division provides an array of specialized mental health services in areas including Infant Mental Health, Sexual Violence Intervention, Violence Prevention Education, Care Coordination and Family Therapy. Family Counseling services also offers individual, group and/or family therapy, children’s case management services, outreach education as well as psychological testing and evaluation.


2-1-1 HELPLINE OF THE KEYS: Helpline of the Keys provides a confidential 24-hour information, referral and crisis intervention hotline, which is available by dialing (305) 296-HELP (4357) or 2-1-1. It also offers a reassurance call program for the elderly and also answers and Alcoholics Anonymous Line.