Florida Relay Partners with Switchboard of Miami

Florida Relay

To make human services and information more accessible to deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, or speech disabled individuals, 2-1-1/Switchboard of Miami has partnered with 7-1-1 Florida Relay.

The Florida Relay service is provided to the residents of Florida 24/7, 365 days a year allowing those in need of services to communicate with anyone at any time by connecting them through this service to standard (voice) telephone users. Florida Relay does not keep record of any conversations, so you can be certain that all calls are confidential.

An example of how it works is a person who is deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, or speech-disabled, uses a text telephone (TTY) to type their conversation to the Relay Operator, who then reads it to the hearing person. Florida Relay also allows you to create your own customer profile, which enables you to store your call preferences and expedite the calling process.

To reach Switchboard’s services through the Florida Relay service, simply call 7-1-1 and provide our number: 305-631-4211. The relay service will then connect you with one of our counselors.  Florida Relay provides multiple relay services such as teletypewriters (TTYs), Voice Carry-Over (VCO) and Hearing Carry-Over (HCO). In addition to English, services are offered in Spanish, Spanish to English translation, and French. Get connected today!