Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification

If you are like one of many persons looking for answers about the latest developments of the Ebola Virus here, in the United States, you are not alone. Helpline Crisis Centers are getting requests for information from callers that want to be informed and also, alleviate some of their anxiety about the issue.

Switchboard of Miami believes in always providing accurate and up-to-date information to its callers. This is why we offer our 305.358.4357(HELP) and the 2-1-1 line as a service to the community, in an unbiased, culturally sensitive setting, with counselors that speak English, Spanish, Creole, and other languages as well.

Our 24-hour, 7-days Contact Center can respond to basic questions such as:

  • How to look for signs and symptoms. Where to go for help?      
  • Transmission.   How is this virus spread?
  • What is the risk of exposure? Who is a higher risk?
  • Diagnosis. Is Ebola difficult to diagnose?
  • Treatment. Is treatment available for Ebola infected persons?



Since 1968 Switchboard has being providing information, referral, suicide prevention and crisis intervention to anyone in need of services. We answer over 13 specialized lines.

We are either the starting point or the last resort for people in need. Call us!