Never Leave Kids & Pets in a Hot Car

It’s summer and Florida temperatures are rising fast! While you’re busy wiping the sweat dripping from your forehead and simultaneously complaining about what a hot and humid Florida day it is – stop and think just how hot it is

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Florida Relay

Florida Relay Partners with Switchboard of Miami

To make human services and information more accessible to deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, or speech disabled individuals, 2-1-1/Switchboard of Miami has partnered with 7-1-1 Florida Relay. The Florida Relay service is provided to the residents of Florida 24/7, 365

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Summer BreakSpot for 211 (3)

Do You Want a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Family?

Summer has arrived! Are you concerned about meals for your kids and teens, while school is out? Click below for a feeding site near you.   Want to implement a healthy lifestyle change for your family, but you don’t know

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